Digital Marketing Strategy For The Company Society Belle

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Introduction Society Belle has faced several issues with regard to their marketing approach; the main issue is the company’s lack of a coherent marketing strategy and lack of brand awareness. In order to overcome these issues, a number of strategies have been proposed, which include website development, e-newsletter, and establishing its presence through an online shop. Building on the opportunities presented by the Internet, it is essential to devise a robust business strategy, as this will make sure the business remains focused and its marketing activities are aligned with the company’s business goals, as well as ensuring that it is aimed at the appropriate target market. In the process of preparing the digital marketing strategy, it was necessary to conduct considerable research regarding the business in order to identify and create an optimal strategy. This review will critique the proposal of a digital marketing model recommended to the company Society Belle. Digital marketing is discussed including several areas of e-marketing in accordance with the proposal; for example, SWOT analysis and using stockholder interest matrix to analyse the effects of different areas that affect the strategies of marketing. Methodology The first step of this proposal is the selection of a system development methodology. A system development methodology refers to the framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing an information system. A

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