Digital Media Piracy Essay

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Digital Media Piracy

Digital Media; as in software, music, movies, books, and anything else which can be stored in binary representation, which then, can be so conveniently transmitted across the globe over the world wide web to anyone and everyone, with total disregard to any copyright laws what so ever, which is where the piracy part comes in.

Probably not too long after the computer was first invited, someone sat down and wrote a useful piece of software, and then not too long after that, some guy copied that piece of software and probably thought it was pretty nifty trick. Well, fast forward a few decades and repeat the process a few billion times, or at least the copying part, and you have what the software piracy situation
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The top offenders by percentage, as in the rate in which the nation commits software piracy is Vietnam and China, at an amazing 97% and 94% respectively[4]. With those percentages, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume the governments of those countries are probably committing software piracy themselves, which leads to one variable in the equation, which is government enforcement. The US has the lowest rate of software piracy in the world, one of the key factors is likely to be enforcement. The FBI actively enforces copyright laws, and at over $100,000 fine per citation, there is a strong dissuasion to pirating software. But the US government has good reason to police the piracy rates of it’s people. Most of the software pirated in the world is made in the US, made by tax paying corporations, and what’s bad for corporate America, is bad for America. Vietnam and China on the other hand have little incentive to enforce copyright laws, little to no tax revenue can be generated from a lower piracy rate, rather it would cost huge sums of tax dollars to fight piracy. Additionally, US citizens have more money than Vietnamese and Chinese citizens, and can better afford software, where as Vietnamese and Chinese probably can’t even afford the software even if they wanted to pay for it.

By dollar amount, The US still accounts for $2.9 billion dollars worth of pirated software, only marginally behind top offenders by percentage. Even with the

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