Digital Media and Digital Technology

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DIGITAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Many approaches has been deliver one message to buyers across an company promotions, that may contain all types of media they are TV, radio, internet and mobile phones. Changes in communication technology and immediate access to data through tools such as the internet explain one of the reasons why marketing communications become so important. Now a day’s business workers, employees, consumers used to get the information and connect to other people and business are through phone and internet. The social and working places are changing, with lot of people having essential offices and texting on their phones or communicating through social media networks. Text messaging, internet phones, blogs are the ways consumers use to communicate to change the way companies doing business and their customers, for this companies realized to change their promotional strategies as well to reach specific audience. Advertisements on Face book are becoming more popular as business explores social media. Industries with marketing departments are depending on digital technology for managing content, reaching market goals, and organizing marketing research with the help of analytics. Digital technology becomes increasingly critical to the functions of marketing and customer service. Without an appropriate digital environment for conducting business, customers and clients may turned for making purchasing or hiring company’s services. Digital advertising will
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