Essay on Digital Media and Society

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Final exam study Digital Media and Society Week 1 What this class is about… * Humans exchanging meaning * Through messages, by innovating using devices originally intended for corporate and government data management... computers * The debates about emerging media * How these debates are important to you profession development * You are a… knowledge worker Field labels * New communication technology * New media * Digital media Article: how is work changing? Digital * Information in a binary electronic form * Manipulable * Digital information is easily changeable and adaptable at all stages of creation, storage, delivery and use * Networkable * Digital information…show more content…
* Harold Inis (1951) * The Bias of Communication * Arguments against: * Bryan Pfaffenberger (1992) * Social Anthropology of Technology (socio-technical system) Technology (Hirst and Harrison, 2007, p.58) * Humans use tools, act, shape destiny * People socially interacting with new ideas and technologies have made change * Technology is an interaction of ideas (knowledge) and objects (tools) that exist and function in socially determined reasons Ways of discussing Digital Media * Dialect * Discussion and reasoning by dialogue as a method of intellectual investigation * Use of the word “dialect” in part to mean “technoculture” * Fetish * An object believed to have magical power by its owner. A material object regarded with superstitious trust, reverence, an object of reverence Hirst and Harison * There is a contradiction, expressed through a dialect, between the forms of technology and social relations that govern their application * The social relations that define a mode of development are perhaps more important then technology in shaping our future Technocracy * The theory and movement advocating control of the industrial resources and reorganisation of the social system based on the findings of technologists and engineers Book: What would google do? Web: Turning down the volume: trying to control the vast amount of flood water
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