Digital Media in the Past and Present Essay

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Digital Media in the Past and Present

In today’s world digital media are everywhere, TV, newspapers, advertisements, and magazines. Almost everywhere you look you will find some sort of digital technology. Digital technology has come along way since the beginning of its time in. Although computers were invented long before; digital technology didn’t start to shine its light until the early 80’s. Originally, NASA developed digital imaging for the US space program in the 1960s (History of the digital camera, 2001). NASA needed a reliable way to get photographs back from the probes, which were never to return to the Earth. George Lucas combined with Adobe to help start the digital art movement with the creation of Photoshop. Companies such
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You could now create the illusion of shading because you had complete control over every pixel in an image ( Released in 1985 was Videoworks, the first program designed to create your own animations. First versions of Illustrator and PowerPoint were introduced in 1987 making way for digital presentations. Then finally the program many companies and schools use today. In 1990 Adobe Photoshop was released. George Lucas designed Photoshop for the making of Star Wars. The imaging techniques with this program were astonishing, and today it is still one of the leading programs used for digital imaging.
Digital Art has come along way since it’s beginning. Today digital technology is being used for many professions; Art historians, Multimedia developers, photographers, advertisers, and even doctors. Now of course that is only a very small list of professions. “For the "special needs" of art historians, digital technology provides a much more precise and accurate way to record visual images.” Art historians use digital imaging to restore and preserve artworks. They can take an image and almost completely duplicate the original so you couldn’t tell the difference. Multimedia developers and commercial companies use digital cameras because of the advantage to alter and manipulate images.” “The digital camera can also be used with a microscope for medical purposes.” Doctors are excited about
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