Digital Millennium Copyright Act At The Embassy Level

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There are not many risks involved with the Digital Millennium Copyright act at the Embassy level, but there are a few. The only issues we could possible run into is that a single user illegally downloads copyrighted material. There are several policies and procedure put into place to stop this kind of abuse through our systems. One good thing is that the OSP to our Embassy will not be help accountable for any copyright violations as long as there procedures are in place. Another issue that may be a concern from the point of view of DMCA environment would be our licensed products that we use in our production environment. All of our devices will be properly licensed as required by law and so as not to infringe upon and titles in the DMCA. “Title III of the DMCA is called the Computer Maintenance Competition Assurance Act. It allows computer repair technicians to make temporary, limited copies of computer software while they’re repairing a computer. The computer must already have a copy of the software program on it” (Grama, Purdue University Security Policy and Compliance Director Joanna Lyn, 2011). With this provision in place we will not infringe on any copyright laws while we are repairing anything as long as things are properly licensed when we are finished. Along with illegal downloads, and licensing concerns, there is also the risk of having our classified information leaked to the internet, or even an ill-informed employee that has taken pictures or videos of

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