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In the PBS documentary “Digital Nation,” producers Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff analyze the pros and cons of the technology developing in our world. The documentary explores several different aspects of technology in education, the military, and gaming to emphasize the notion that the technology and the internet are becoming ubiquitous throughout our society. After watching the documentary, I realize that technology and specifically the internet has extremely positive affects by improving our communication in education and the military. On the other hand, technology has one negative aspect in gaming and the addiction it can cause to not only kids but adults in our society. I recognize that technology can dramatically help our modern…show more content…
Knowing that, I believe that the best technology to come out of the military is not the internet but the U.S. Drones. They can be described as military aircraft that can be controlled by “users” or people from long distances. With this kind of technology, the military is able to save the lives of our pilots by having them control the Drones from a safer area and not inside the actual plane. Finally, technology does have a slight drawback. My life has been affected by the internet because I have been forced to become more accustomed to it as well as other digital mediums. I was once addicted to gaming and that caused my grades to dwindle. It was difficult for me to quit gaming. Gaming was my “oxygen” and without that it felt like an apocalyptic event would occur. But as soon as I was older I soon realized that my life does no revolve around gaming. And I was gladly able to get pass this addiction. In the documentary the kids in Korea are all being taught at a very early age how to become accustomed to computers in preparation for our digital revolution which will make most jobs computer based. About 90% of the kids in Korea use the internet and ten to fifteen are in the risk group. Meaning they have an addiction to gaming. Some of these kids have died in gaming booths due to lack of proper
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