Digital Piracy Is A Constant Problem

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Digital Piracy Austin Paisley CSCI 1510 December 2, 2014 With today’s ever increasing technology, such as broadband internet, digital piracy is a constant problem. The faster and more efficient the technology, the easier it is to illegally get access to media. Digital piracy is the illegal copying of any digital software without authorization from the sources owners (Zhang, Smith, McDowell, 2009). One of the more common motivations behind committing digital piracy is that many believe it isn’t really a crime, and that information should be shared openly between all individuals. These people consider it a soft crime, meaning that since no violence or harm is involved the crime is harmless (Zhang, Smith, McDowell, 2009). Thus digital piracy has become a daily event for many people and they consider the act to be of no maltreatment (wulandari, 2010). And to these people digital piracy is a mainstay of their daily lives, being as normal of a thing as turning on the television. Digital piracy has three main factors: motivations behind committing the crime, repercussions on society, and repercussions to the individual. The most known motivation or reason behind committing digital piracy is cost in money. Whether it is not being able to afford or just wanting to save money, people are all about justifying free media with the excuse, “high prices”. According to Karakaya and Ulutürk eighty percent of people say that when software prices are considered to be too high for

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