Digital Printing And Its Impact On The Future Growth Of 3d Printing Essay

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3D printing is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. This technology is beginning to be used in a broad range of applications including rapid prototyping, molds and tooling, digital manufacturing and personal fabrication [1]. As the technology improves and become more affordable, it is expected to penetrate different markets and become a dominant force to be reckoned with. In order to predict the future growth of 3D-printing, we need to investigate into its past and determine what stage of growth 3D-printing is currently located. To begin, we examine the type of innovation 3D-printing is classified as. Figure 1 on the right, is broken down into two dimensions: technology and market. There are four types of innovations shown, and the types of innovation is determined by the placement of a technology in respect to the two dimensions. Referring to figure 1, we can determine that 3D printing is as a disruptive innovation, considering that 3D printing was a new technology that served an existing market that was currently being dominated by topography and photosculpture technologies. At the very beginning, 3D-printing targeted low demanding customer by offering a product that provided lesser quality in terms of the development of 3D-models, however the technology provided an easier to use technology and one at a much cheaper price compared to the topography and photosculpture methods (sustaining innovations). Figure 2 demonstrates how a disruptive innovation enters…

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