Digital Printing Of 3d Printing

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Section 1: Introduction to 3D Printing

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and many times, it achieves things that we never thought possible. Emerging technologies today include nanotechnology, robotics, manipulation of human genetics, 3D printing, and more. All of these technologies are moving forward faster and faster, but one in particular is very unique. 3D printing has been available ever since the 1980’s, but it is just now making headway as an advancing technology. This is due to the progress of 3D software and hardware. 3D printers are now manufactured into small packages, and 3D softwares such as Solidworks and Google’s Sketchup create endless possibilities for what these printers can produce. First of all, 3D printers simply allow one to print objects in three dimensions. The majority of 3D printing includes plastic products that are designed in a 3D software, but the range of products is expanding from the manufacturing of cars to the creation of food. For example, NASA is doing research in printing food for astronauts while they are in long-term missions (International Business, Times). Normal 3D printers that use plastics to create three dimensional parts can be seen in Appendix A. This printer is available to anyone, and costs $999 (“3D Printers”).
Section 2: Clarification of Current 3D Printing Issues At first glance, 3D printing seems like a harmless technology that has a lot of potential to increase the standard of life in the near…
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