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I believe that we heard virtual reality so many times recently and many unicorn companies have been developing virtual reality technology which makes this term become one of the hot topics in 2016. Additionally, 2016 promises to be the compelling year to commercialize the virtual reality technology. Companies, like Google, Samsung, spend countless money and effort on writing the programs, designing the headsets and trying every single method to expand people’s imagination about virtual reality.
Due to the low cost of certain hardware, virtual reality gradually becoming affordable to the customers and they can experience VR technology is their houses, offices and even on the trains. Students can have class in virtual reality classrooms, employees can have meetings with oversea technology teams via virtual reality and the newly married couple can go to wherever they want for their honeymoon in VR. There is no denying that VR is changing our lives and commercialize it will have a huge impact.
This paper is based on a few books, Virtual Reality Technology and Application, Learning Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Insider, etc. And focus on virtual reality hardware, software, applications and the future.
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Technology, Hardware

Virtual Reality and the Future
Sherman (2003), virtual reality uses computer technology to simulate the actual environment and replaces or augments the sensor to users to let them feel immersed in the virtual…

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