Digital Savvy Equals Excessive Use of Technology Essay

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Digital Savvy Equals Excessive Use of Technology As a relatively affluent and highly educated group of minorities, it is not surprising that Asian Americans are heavy influencers in the digital and media spaces. Since many Asians actually came from countries with higher penetration of digital technology, they are very fond of using the latest and greatest gadgets on the market. According to a report that was published by the Nielsen Company in 2012, Asian Americans are “digital pioneers”, who adopt technology earlier and faster than any other minority group, and have “higher rates of smartphone use, online video consumption and Internet connectivity” (Nielsen, 2012). As a result, it is very common to find almost everyone in Asian…show more content…
Influenced by deep rooted cultures, traditional Asian parents are typically authoritative, strict and overprotecting, with unaffectionate and implicit communication styles. In addition, language and acculturation gaps, busy schedules, and economic necessities have also contributed to the various parent-children conflicts, family tensions and lack of communication that exist in Asian American families. In general, Asian immigrant and refugee families often face difficulties that relate to their migration experience and the ongoing adjustment to the American lifestyle and culture. Often times, children in immigration and refugee families learn the language and acculturate faster than their parents, and their adoption of American values and behaviors may conflict with those of their parents (Xia, Do, & Xie, 2013). Under these circumstances, the ability and tendency of children to have good and emotional conversations with their parents are minimal. In addition, every member in a typical Asian American family have an extremely busy schedule, which leaves very little time for family bonding and communications. The hardworking and dedicated Asian parents are often at work until very late in the day, while their children are in school and multiple after school enrichment programs. By the time they both get home, there’s barely enough time to get the
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