Digital Storytelling And Its Effect On Student Learning

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In the 21st century, educators believe using technology can be an effective factor in education for the new generation, making educational goals easier to achieve. In fact, technology is being studied by teachers and implemented into classrooms for a positive effect on student learning. Many teachers are integrating multimedia tools in teaching students different skills including synthesizing, analyzing, evaluating, and presenting information. When students use technology, they learn to convert data into information and transform information into knowledge. Also, using multimedia tools gives students the opportunity to participate and interact in the classroom. Consequently, the trend for integrating technology into education has become more widespread in most schools today. Digital storytelling is one of the multimedia tools that can support teaching and learning as well as students’ motivation. This research explores how digital storytelling can be an effective tool for both teachers and students in order to support learning and skills.
Keywords: Multimedia tools, Digital storytelling, Students skills and their motivation.

1. Introduction
The numbers of technological devices that can be used to manipulate information and improve student education is increasing every day. Teachers and students have commonly used technological tools for educational purposes, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word for their papers and presentations (Sadik, 2008). Today, however,…
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