Digital Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Today about 10% of the world's population (700 million people) are handicapped, or there are people with disabilities (WHO, 2017). Most of these people (about 80%) are in developing countries. In large cities it is now difficult to meet a person in a wheelchair or with a cane. Main reason for this is the fact that the surrounding environment is not adapted to the specific requirements that are imposed by people with disabilities. Such conditions force the disabled to independently seek ways to solve the problems that arise, very often any available technical means and devices are used for this. Computer in the modern world is the central object around which the formation of a new truly digital habitat is taking place. In this environment there…show more content…
Personality of a person is formed under the influence of constant contact with other people, exchange of experience, emotions and so on. Psychological portrait of a person is formed precisely by how successfully a person has communication with people around him. This process begins in childhood and lasts a lifetime. People with disabilities in most cases are deprived of an atmosphere of communication. Lack of contact with people lead to psychological trauma, isolation, depression, which only exacerbates physical problems. Digital technologies offer a wide range of different social networks and instant messengers in which you can find an interlocutor in any field. Provided anonymity, allows you to hide the features of physical development and thereby remove any bias in communication (which often hinders communication with p2p…show more content…
The time of the digital revolution. Actively developing technologies in the near future will be able to offer people with disabilities the ways of full socialization. Everyone, regardless of his physical condition, sex, age and nationality, has the right to be a full member of society. Already today, digital technologies give people with disabilities free access to education, free access to communication and work. And tomorrow we together can overcome physical defects. As a result, it can be absolutely accurately stated that for the first time in the history of human development, people with disabilities have got hope completely to get rid of restrictions and live a full life. And every next day increases the chances of
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