Digital Technology And Its Impact On The Classroom Essay

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In and of themselves, wikis, blogs, podcasts and microblogging will do very little to transform digital writing or learning in general. It 's really not the tool or digital space that can transform or enhance learning. It is what is done there and how the tool is used by teachers and students alike. However, as I think the articles captured, when used effectively these digital tools have the potential to develop critical digital literacies.

In Wikis as Learning Environments, Forte and Buckman report their findings of using a wiki to represent traditional research. The students in the study reported enjoying using the wiki and publishing their work even though they struggled with the translation of the traditional research paper to that of creating a public website. They seemed to realize that they were involved in something bigger than "just writing a paper for the teacher", knowing the site could be a resource that lives on after the class. Forte and Buckman stress "when the research paper went online it became something different." The "genre" changed and the students initially struggled to understand what that meant. Throughout the process of creating the wiki the students were able to learn from each other. The nature of the wiki 's collaborative editing and revision history allowed the students to look at each other 's work all throughout the process. In doing so, they began to create a shared vision of what this public space should be. This ability to apply our
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