Digital Technology Case Study

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CAREER GOAL: To contribute the knowledge of Trending Technology in Protection and Control systems of Power Substations with electric utilities by designing and implementing a more reliable digital Automation scheme to overcome the existing Analog relays in our substations and Line bays in the Grid system. In other to achieve a maximum Protection and Control of HV Transmission lines and Power Substations after Power and Control Cables laying and Terminations and Interfacing of the Control and the Protection panels to the outdoor switchyard equipment through the marshalling Kiosk or Junction Boxes, the following processes have to be in place also for an effective system Viz: Configuration of the Relays, Configuration of the BCU’s,…show more content…
BACKGROUND: The power system, built on century-old technology and approaches, was designed to deliver electricity from large, remote power plants across significant distances to the cities and towns where electricity is used. For that reason, there is great need for an effective Protection and Control of the System to complete the chain of Generation, Transmission and Distribution to the users. FIG 1:1 ELEMENTS OF POWER SYSTEM INTERCONNECT MODULE METHODOLOGY: We shall use the devices; PCS-9881 and PCS-9882 Ethernet switch, RCS-9698G/H Communication Gateway, RCS-9700 automation system, RCS-9785 GPS Synchronization Clock and RCS-9794A/B Protocol Converter and the Automation Architecture module to achieve the maximum Protection and Control of he Substation and the 2x132kV HV Transmission lines from the Bay extension to the Substation. PCS-9881 and PCS-9882 Ethernet switch PCS-9881 and PCS-9882 Ethernet switch is intended for interconnection of 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet devices using twisted wire/Fiber optical connection in substation automation system. It adopts industrial level components and chips to ensure the reliable and high-speed data exchange, which makes it a compensation of insufficient application of commercial switch in a substation automation system. PCS-9881 and PCS-9882 are fully compatible with IEC 61850 and GOOSE communication in a digital substation automation system with distributed
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