Digital Technology Effects

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Digital Technology and The Effects on Human Health Nicholas Reott Kaplan University CM 107: College Composition I Professor Lee August 15, 2017 Digital Technology and the Effects on Human Health In this growing and advanced society, modern technology can ultimately play a significant role in advancing our chosen professions. Presently, the world has been made much more accessible by modern technology. It is now possible to stay in constant contact with everyone around and work in areas that were unimaginable just a few short years ago. However, the constant use of this technology comes at a cost. Increased use of digital technology and current exposure to electronic fields coming from wi-fi and other digital devices such as laptops, cellphones, and iPads can negatively affect humans’ mental and emotional health as well as social interaction skills; many of the increased health problems suffered these days are also the result of an inappropriate use of medical technology. In recent years, it seems like digital technology has slowly changed people mentally, while on one side it feeds them with knowledge, and on the other side it negatively affects people’s mental and emotional health. For instance, some people have become over reliant on their technological devices, to the point that it would take control of their lives, creating stressful situations and affecting their emotional health. On an emotional level, most of the younger generations want instant
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