Digital Technology Fundamentally Changed The Nature Of Diplomacy

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Name: Jennifer Diane Ulloa SOAS ID: 643951 Course: Global Diplomatic Studies and Practice Tutor: Goitom Gebreluel Title: Have developments in digital technology fundamentally changed the nature of diplomacy or are they simply new means to pursuing the same ends? Word count: Intro: This uncertainty reflects a growing awareness that a transformational international system still dominated by sovereign states is having to respond to change at several interrelated levels. Whilst complex policy agendas still demand a central, if changing, role for the state, many of the norms, rules and roles associated with diplomacy as it has developed over the last few centuries are no longer fit for purpose. Clearly, fundamental questions regarding the purposes of diplomacy, who is – or should be – involved in it and what forms and practices it should assume to deal with new policy challenges need to be urgently addressed. This applies to international organizations as well as the institutions of national diplomacy and offers a fundamentally different perspective from that based on the familiar claim that diplomacy is irrelevant to contemporary global needs. Rather, diplomacy has a central role but needs to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing environment. Against this background, a central assumption of this report is that diplomacy as a set of processes continues to be of central importance to the global policy milieu and that these processes need to be constantly re-evaluated.
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