Digital Technology Has Caused Camera Abuse Essay

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The usage of digital technologies on photography can be obstacle for people to memorize in some circumstances. The popularization of the photographic devises makes photography ubiquitous in recent years. Digital storage has broken the restriction of traditional films, so that many people take photos without making choices. There is no necessary to concern about what is worth to be taken with an easily available devise and large storage space. It seems that every valuable thing and every important moment can be recorded and memorized by taking photos. However, the consequence of emphasizing everything is emphasizing nothing. As mentioned before, photography has lost its scarcity, valuable memories documented by photos are hard to be found because they are buried in a tremendous number of works stored in the digital devices or on the internet.
The development of digital technology has caused camera abuse. As Powell said: “It’s harder and harder to take a picture without somebody in the picture who’s also taking a picture. We all take pictures now, that’s just what we do.” (Howarth, Street Photography Now. 2010: 9) Taking photos has become a habit. People are accustomed to “see” through the cameras because they believe in the powerful function of photography as memory saver. This trust makes people wrongly emphasis on the process of taking photos rather than the memory itself. Cameras gain more trust than eyes and brains in some circumstances. However, the insubstantial

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