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Gabrielle McQuire Prof: Mr. Flood English 101 December 1st, 2014 Digital Technology is Positively Here to Stay Since more than half of the people in our nation use some form of digital technology, it is safe to assume that it is here to stay. Digital technology restructured our society and changed the way that we do things. Almost everyone, from the very young to our senior citizens, is learning how to use some form of digital technology. It aims to support us in communicating with others, achieving an education, and succeeding in the workplace. There are countless ways that digital technology is being used both positively and negatively. However, the most commonly shared belief is that the good outweighs the bad. We have to…show more content…
For example, because digital technology use is so popular among teens to twenty-something, and especially recent college graduates seeking employment, this age group is more likely to use digital technology as a major tool to help them seek and apply for jobs. Equally important, is having the right image that job seekers want portrayed about themselves on websites. They want the social networks to tell a good story about them or to define them at their best. Therefore, having a creditable online reputation is critical because the same tool that is used by job seekers is also used by potential employers to determine if they are good candidates for hiring into their firms and organizations. Digital technology can make or break them. For example, Wei Du in his article “Job Candidates Getting Tripped Up By Facebook” to NBC News, states that “ Van Allen, who recruits job candidates for hospitals and clinics across the country, had physicians in short supply, he was happy to come across the resume of a well-qualified young female psychiatrist. As part of his due diligence check, Allen looked her up on Facebook and found things that made him think twice. He was concerned and called her and asked for an explanation, she didn’t get the job.” (Du). In order to establish a positive online reputation you must keep it precise, don’t trust privacy settings, and use it to ensure that it will be beneficial and not harmful to
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