Digital Video Analysis

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Technology is constantly developing and has been for many years now. Many of these developments have centered around digital video and improving the ways in which we view television. Developments such as Netflix, a company that allows people to stream a wide range of movies and television shows, have not only caused a time shift, but have also allowed for an increased flexibility in the temporal structures of television. The different temporalities of television can be seen as it moves from broadcast modes of distribution, to on demand services like Netflix and further suggests that television is a changing service in its relationship to public life. This will be demonstrated through an analysis of the broadcast of television shows and movies,…show more content…
This does not however, refer to the live broadcasting of various television shows and movies, but rather the live filming of events such as the Oscars or various sporting games. The live transmission of television gave people the opportunity to be engaged with events that they could not experience or attend. For example, various award shows such as the Oscars were events that many people were not allowed to attend. The live transmission of the Oscars gave people an opportunity to be able to feel fully engaged and a part of the event, as they were able to watch the Oscars on their television in real time. In addition, the live transmission of sporting games like basketball or football, gave those who could not attend the game, the opportunity to watch the game on the television while the match was happening. Moreover, the live broadcasting of events is nowadays available for people to stream online. In some households there may only be one television that someone else in the household might be using, therefore other members in the household are pushed to view the live broadcasting online. The live streaming of events online has not only illustrated yet another time shift, as not everyone is forced watch the same event, but has also highlighted the ways in which the live transmission of various events and sporting games, have transformed television into a service that allowed those who could not attend these events, the opportunity to experience the event in real
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