Digital and Analog Photography Essay

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Negative Feelings Take a print in your hands. A traditional print. Yes, it can be hold, it can be touched, it can be smelled, it can be felt. This essay themasised the uniqueness of the physical process as well as the thought process of analogue photography. As Henri Cartier Bresson wrote nicely about the decisive moment "To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.".This moment you are waiting for it is just a fraction of a second, before you press the shutter, you make a personal connection with the scene, and wait for the right moment to shoot. But this right…show more content…
Thought is an activity of the mind. With the eyes we see the trees, a lot of trees. With the brain we see the wood. Shooting analogue need to learn, to get one step back again, when we know, that the amount of frames on the film is limited. Being aware that we are that the way of image making depends on the capacity of the films, from 36 Frames, over 12 frames, up to 1 slide. We create together, knowing that a particular moment can not be brought back,(just in the Darkroom) shot only once, with our decision of the particular time we decide to push the shutter, we start thinking, some conscious, some unconscious, about our subject, trying to build a relation ship to it, which position does it have in its environment, what our relationship to the subject is. This kind of thinking requires a qualitative response to reality. This quality is only another word for relationship, analogue. Where there are relationship there is comparison, evaulation , quality. Digital perception is very probably more precise, but it has no element of evolution. Therefore we focus on the relationship, the subject, without getting distracted. Some people might not agree and say „ hey wait , i can focus with my digital camera much more on everything, because the camera does everything. I can shoot without thinking. On image after the Other.“ Without thinking, producing a large amount of photographs
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