Digitally Close To You Analysis

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In the article of Clive Thompson I’m so Totally, Digitally Close to You. Thompson talk about how social media have changed people’s life, and one of the issue he talks about Facebook. How Mark Zuckerberg has completely changed the world by creating a social website. Thompson not only focus on Facebook, but he brings up Twitter as well and how that site has changed people emotional relationships. He claims that dealings with these networking sites and others sites are similar because it offer same information about a person. However, social networks have changed many people’s identity by allowing to befriend and connecting with more people and more efficiently. Unfortunately, social media have also limited many face to face conversations with family and friends. Although, social networking sites are efficient in providing ways to communicate, we need to limit our use of social networking sites in order to become stronger as individuals and emotional of our relationships. Being dishonest with the social networking sites can eventually collapse the true value of a friendship. This sites are…show more content…
The ease with which people are able to share and communicate over the Internet has had the effect that people no longer feel the need to interact in with one another in person because they feel that everything they want to do can be done over the Internet. An example can be seen in “Connectivity and its Discontents”, where we are introduced to Randy (Turkle 621). Randy’s younger sister was recently engaged to be married, something that most people would consider a significant event. She and her fiance decided to make the announcement to their family and friends via e-mail, something that made Randy feel very far away from his sister emotionally. Social media can also have the effect that constantly updating our information and giving second by second updates on the ordinary events of our daily
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