Digitally Deprived: A Survival Story Essay

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Digitally Deprived: A Survival Story As I sit here and recall my last nineteen long years on this planet and my various interactions with different mediums of technology, it has become very obvious to me that I, like most people where I am from, have had really no major interactions with technology compared to others in my age group. I sit in coffee joints at night and watch people become more introverted than a turtle, ducking into their little shells of technological safety. They look at you through their faux, so-call trendy DKNY knock-off glasses, dressed in their Abercrombie clothes, hiding behind nothing but the glow of a laptop or in the corner talking to someone on their cell phones which just happens to match what they are…show more content…
I am quite proud to say that I never had a cell until I got to Michigan, and that there is more in life than to walk around with it stuck to your face. City people could learn a lot from those who, as some say, "Have a little red on our necks." I sure believe that would be a lot more friendly at least, and I am not talking about the one-fingered wave! It really shocks me to be an outsider to this city life, although many argue that this is not the city at all. I have to disagree, when you come from a town of about two thousand people, this place is a huge booming metropolis to me, filled with late-night hang-outs, trendy coffee shops, and malls within five minutes from your house. I usually drive anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to get anywhere I can buy anything, besides gas, which my town only has one place for. You can call me a small town girl, I don’t mind, even Country Mouse if you prefer. It’s not uncommon to hear smirks and giggles from the back of the room. Whispers of "Hick" and "Billy" have been murmured in my presence, but I laugh it off and think to my self, "When your ear falls off from all the radiation you get from holding your cell up to your ear 24/7, I’ll be the one laughing." I am proud to say that I haven’t had a lot of technology in my life. It makes me feel less, well, corrupt I guess in a sense. I never felt the need to rush home and hop on AOL for 5

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