Digitally Tracking and Monitoring People

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We are being digitally tracked and monitored today more than ever before. In Minneapolis, a father walked into Target and demanded to see the manager. He had discovered that her daughter had been receiving coupons for baby clothes and cribs, and accused the manager at Target of encouraging his daughter to get pregnant. A few days later the manager called to apologize, but it was the father who apologized, as he had found out that his daughter was actually pregnant. Target, with the use of prediction models, formulas and collected data from the girl’s past purchases, knew that the girl was pregnant before her own father did. Technology today is so advanced that everything we do is collected by computers and processed. Today stores have infrared cameras to watch your eyes and what you look at in the store, machines pour coffee when they sense you yawning, and laser-based scanners that can tell what you ate for breakfast are being developed. These sorts of technologies are developed by companies mostly to make better business decisions and by governments for surveillance, and are being implemented all everywhere, including the University of Maryland Campus. The university police are using student’s phones as tools of surveillance for emergencies explained Captain Marc Limansky, former University Police spokesman. INTERVIEW CLIP 1 The world today is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, browser cookies, traceable debit cards and cell phones, fingerprinting and DNA analysis.
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