Dignity Of The Human Person

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DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON The Catholic Church takes her teachings on the human dignity from the Bible, especially from the book of Genesis. We read in the first chapters how God created man and woman and gave to them the responsibility of fulfill the earth. We also read that the woman was created from a man’s rib to signify that she is “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” With this statement, Adam is also meaning that the woman has equal dignity than man, equal rights, and duties. Through man and woman’s creation, God has shown to the world his face because they were created in his image and likeness. Therefore, the book of Genesis manifests man and woman as persons with equal dignity and value that must be protected and promoted. The protection of human dignity is clearly established in the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. As the Church states, “Human society is the object of the social teaching of the Church.” It has been considered as a powerful goal to promote the equal value of all people and respect their dignity in every level of their existence. To achieve this goal, the Church has issued many different documents and statements regarding the protection of people’s dignity and rights. For instance, the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church introduces topics that help people to live in society. Some examples of those topics are human rights, participation, freedom, truth, and justice. All of these themes manifest how important is the
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