Dignity To Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research

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Many people nowadays have different views on what exactly to define animals as, and whether or not they deserve any rights. Some believe that they are nothing more than a childhood pet used for entertainment, while others believe that they are beautiful exquisite animals. Currently, animals inside of a household have more rights that cattle or chicken since they are treated as another member of the family. I think that all animals are worthy of moral consideration, not just house pets, since all animals have enough intelligence to be domesticated, they can all feel emotions such as pain and happiness, they can all care about the wellbeing of others, and they all play a critical role in the circle of life.
In today’s society animals still do not have all the rights that they deserve. We still perform medical experiments, hunt them for “fun” and food, and keep them locked up in cages for “entertainment” at zoos. If animals had rights humans would not be using them for selfish purposes for fun and entertainment. In the article by Jeremy Rifkin it is mentioned that “researchers are finding that many of our fellow creatures are more like us than we had ever imagined. They feel
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In the article “Of Primates and Personhood: Will According Rights and “Dignity” to Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research” it was mentioned that “we should extend rights to a wide range of nonhuman animals. All creatures that can feel pain should have a basic moral status” (Yong). Anything with a beating heart has the ability to feel pain, so they should have someone or something protecting them from feeling unnecessary pain. The reason that it should not go to the extent of humans is because animals do not perform the civil duties that humans often do. This is why Hiasl, the chimpanzee, who had an owner fighting to get him granted legal citizenship lost his
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