Dilemma at Devils Den

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Susan was working at a snack bar, called The Devil’s Den. At the time she was there she realized that there were some difficulties of the employees doing their job right, such as thefts that were going on for a long time now. Something else that bothered Susan was that no one paid attention of the behavior of the night shift employees.
Devil’s Den had a contract with the College Food Service (CFS). The employees from the snack bar took advantage of this situation and they got too loose. They took food after their shift and gave to their friends these freebies to. Susan’s colleagues took large quantities of freebies but no one ever checked the storage. The storage room was unlocked all the time and all employees had free access to the
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Training is very important to the strategy that managers must follow.
The culture that exists in the Devils Den snack bar is weak. That means that Devils Den lack in values and principles. There is no order in the team, no commitment to the job and the employees think individually. They don’t care about the place that they work. They see their job like a way just to make their living. To have an organizational culture must have beliefs, values, behavioral norms, things that only Susan may have in the night shift. She has no support from her colleagues neither from her manager. Culture helps to energize employees to do their job, have a target, function as a team/group and execute effort. In Devils Den we see the opposite.
When we talk about policies and procedures, we are referring to the guidance that managers will give to the employees. The management has to have a specific voltage and specific role to place limits on independent behavior. Thus, will make employees understand that their work is important and may effect them negatively just from their bad behavior and they can lose their job. There must be some anxiety, something to enforce them. Devils Den management has no boundaries at all. The night shift is like having no management control. Managers have to control and execute strategy. The ignorance and the abuse of the rules from the
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