Dilemma between Autonomy and Direct Control within Mangerial Control in Current Organisation

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Management control strategy is not a one dimensional formulae of labour controlling, other than controlling employees, it is also about exploiting employees' discretionary effort and creativity as a prime interest. In the Webboys article, Barrett (2004: 787) demonstrated how different strategies have been manipulated separately and simultaneously to control the labour process of developing primary software. This essay is going to investigate various directions of management strategies, which incorporate with radical approaches of control in response to the dilemma between offset the notions between "direct control" and "responsible autonomy dichotomy" (Friedman in Barrett 2004: 38). Based on the argument that there is
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Firstly, it is noticeable that the shop-floor level workers are mainly unskilled in the fast food industry, who are considered as "disposable" employees that undertake rigid tasks which been standardized. In other words, they are functioned as "robots" that perform routines without much brain work indeed. In the case of software industry is different, the employees with updated technical qualifications, energetic in extending their skills.

Consequently, employees in Webboyz take less consideration in regards to the salaries since technical autonomy is provided for them to set their own research agenda, in order to extend their skills. Thus autonomy is perceived as a kind of redemption of low salaries in Webboyz for some employees. It is worthwhile to be argued whether financial incentive is the main motivation behind work. Although Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) introduced as a cover for low wages at Webboyz, in hopes that employees of would be more involved in some strategic decision making. However, Barrett (2004:38) noted, employees trade their pay against the type of work they do and the environment in which they work. It is considered to be a desirable working condition for most of the employees, since autonomy enables workers with high level of technical knowledge to possess some degree of control and discretion over software development

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