Dilemmas Of Louis Malle And Catherine Breillat Essay

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II. Dilemmas of Louis Malle and Catherine Breillat II.1. Nudity, Brothels, and Children Louis Malle 's Pretty Baby was released in 1978. It tells a story of a brothel in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1917. New Orleans was known for its red light district at a time; prostitution was legalized there in a period between 1897 and 1917. The film offers a glimpse of the last months of the brothel 's life. Pretty Baby is a story of Violet, a 12-year-old girl, who is a daughter of one of the most famous prostitutes in a brothel. Violet is pretty, brutally honest, and does not know life outside the brothel. In some time, Violet 's virginity is auctioned off and she is expected to become a prostitute, like her mother. However, falling in love with a photographer, who is always present in a brothel and takes picture of prostitutes, she runs away from the brothel to his house. The photographer takes care of Violet until she is picked up in the end of the movie by her mother, who had met a respectable gentleman ready to take her and her kids away to start a new life. Malle did not take the story from the top of his head, he was in inspired by Al Rose 's book Storyville, New Orleans: Being an Authentic, Illustrated Account of the Notorious Red Light District. The book was an outcome of a few dozens interviews of former prostitutes. One of Rose 's main respondents was an elderly lady who told Rose about her childhood in a brothel. This very lady is the prototype of Violet in Malle 's

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