Dilemmas Of Underage Drinking

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Underage Drinking The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty one, while around the world the legal drinking age varies from no age restriction to age eighteen. The drinking age is a huge controversial topic to talk about. Everyone has their own opinions. Some think that the drinking age should stay the same. Some believe that it should be set higher. Others believe that the drinking age should be lowered. Most people believe it should be lowered to age eighteen. Can keeping the age where it is at now in the United States, stop the kids from consuming the alcohol? The answer to that is now because no matter what the drinking age is, teens can and will figure out a way to get their hands on and consume the alcohol. Although some people believe that the drinking age is too low at the age restriction right now, eighteen would be a much better solution to the controversial disagreement because that is the age when teens become adults. Age eighteen is when men and women become adults. This means they can vote for president, drive, and lots of other things. Besides drink. Young adults should have the choice to drink and it is up to them whether or not to drink responsibly or irresponsibly. Everyone thinks that if a teenager has a beer, they are up to no good. However, when an old grandpa has a beer it is considered normal. The grandpa still destroys brain cells just as a teen or young adult might do. So overall it is this double standard outlook towards young
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