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PHI 111 Final Paper: Dilemmas in My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult The novel “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult explores the medical, legal, ethical and moral issues related to long term illness and discusses some of the bioethical issues around the experimental technique known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The author presents many ethical dilemmas when a couple chooses to genetically engineer a baby to create a bone marrow match for their terminally ill daughter. That creation is Anna Fitzgerald, who is beginning to wonder about her place in the world and questions her on going donations in order to save her sister’s, Kate’s life. Anna feels that her existence is defined by her ability to save her sister. That type of…show more content…
However I feel that Brian and Sara forgot to focus on what could be better for Anna when the time came for her to live her own life. At first Anna was experiencing psychological altruism which sometimes motivated her to put Kate’s interests ahead of her own. As Anna grew older she realized that the donations were at her own expense and she wanted to be free. Everyone, including children has the right to act in one’s own best interest. Therefore if Anna felt that she was not living to her best ability because of her connection with Kate then this egoism should be respected. This contrasts her mother, Sara’s psychological egoism, because she was acting in her own interests to save Kate. In this case, what Sara finds acceptable for Anna is negligent against Anna’s autonomy. The character of Sara is most adamant that it is in Anna’s best interests to act as a donor for Kate. However I do not think she meant for Anna to be at the mercy of her sister. I think she was only intent on doing what had to be done to keep her family intact by preserving the life of Kate. Sara believes that the social, emotional and psychological best interests of a person depend upon the happiness in the family in which they grow up in. This gives the idea that Anna’s best interests and welfare are closely tied to those of her family, who

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