Dillard Case Study Essay

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First, we must develop a baseline of the current process to how it performs. Currently we have a graduation rate of 41% in a four-year period and 68% in 6-year period. Compared to the countries average which is 59% in both cases respectively. Which means even though we are well above the average for 6 years. Dillard University is performing well below for four years. So, we must look at the curriculum.

For the general business courses, you have principals of Accounting 1&2, Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Calculus for business & statistics and Foundation of Statistics. These are the core course for a business students. Along with general education courses usually for first and second years. Then comes more upper level classes along with your intended major. These courses are important; however, we seem to see a decline in performance concerning papers and written work.

Internships in this case are rare. Dillard University College of business does have a class dedicated to
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When it comes to the process flow of getting students into graduate school. First off starting with the Curriculum. I don’t think the classes being taught is the problem. But the order can be improved I think to develop a better flow. We know papers are a part of the college experience so we have to establish better writing skills. Unless you did not meet the grammar score on the Sat or Act, you will not learn any more grammar skills after the students first year. Which means that skill you developed is not being trained. Sure you will have to write many papers, but learning to improve those skills will not.

Developing relationships with companies in the area and our pipline states for Dillard. This way we can begin to start students early on Also there is a clear lack of motivation occcurring with the students deciding not to attend class. Although you can’t blame the institution to much on academic sucesss which students play a large part in
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