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Dillard’s Co. 10K Report 1. General Information A. The company’s corporate office is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. I found this information on Dillard’s website in the non-selling location directory.(F-3) B. The fiscal year for Dillard’s ends on the last Saturday of January. This information was found in the 2010 annual report.(F3) C. The types of products and services that it sells are retail clothing and merchandise. I found this information on the company website. D. The next annual stockholder’s meeting is on the 3rd Saturday of May. So may 19th, 2012 at the corporate headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. This information was found on allbusiness.com 2. Report of Independent External Auditor A.…show more content…
The company also had a cash inflow as a result of it being stated in the consolidated statements of cash flow. It states that they received money from reimbursements and revenue. (31) B. The company has a cash inflow as well as cash outflow for its investing activities. Cash inflow is from the sales of property and equipment while the cash outflow is from payment from capital from property and equipment. The largest item in investing activities was the purchase of property and equipment which resulted in a total of $98.2 million. (F-7) C. The company has cash inflow from its financing activities. Its main source for cash inflow is their credit facility which brings in $1 billion. The company also has cash outflow from its financing activities due to its repayment on things such as mortgage, long term notes, paying out dividends, and also stock purchases. (32) 7. Profitability ratios A. The asset turnover ratio for Dillard’s is 1.40. This is because you take their total sales revenue which is equal to $6120961billion divided by their total assets which equal out to $4374166billion. The asset turnover ratio is a way to determine or see how well they use the assets that they have. The asset turnover ratio for Dillard’s is strength since the number is in the positives. (F5) B. The 2010 net profit margin for Dillard’s was 0.029. This can be found by dividing net income from sales revenue.

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