Dillon vs Champion Dogbra Essay

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Assignment #5 – Dillon v. Champion Jogbra

Business Employment Law (HRIS)
Dr. Jean Gordon, Instructor

1. What were the legal issues in this case?
The legal issues in this case stem from a lawsuit filed by former Champion Jogbra employee, Linda Dillon. She accused her former employer of wrongful termination. She believed the company breached the implied contract and terminated her services without abiding by its progressive discipline policy as outlined in the company handbook. But, according to Walsh (2010, p. 589), “the first page of the manual states; the policies and procedures contained in this manual constitute guidelines only. They do not constitute part of an employment contract, nor are they intended to make any
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She would maintain the same pay and benefits, and she had until the end of December 1998 to find a new position or face termination. Dillon did apply for a new position that would become open in a month, but was not selected for that position. Dillon left Champion Jogbra when her temporary position expired.
“Promissory estoppel is a term used in contract law that applies where, although there may not otherwise be an enforceable contract, because one party has relied on the promise of the other, it would be unfair not to enforce the agreement.” (USLegal.com, 2012)
Champion’s counter argument was that Dillon was an at-will employee, and based on policy outlined in the employee handbook, could be terminated at any given time.

2. Explain what the implied contract was in this case.
“An implied contract is a promise made between two or more parties. Upon accepting a job at the end of an interview, the hiring party is likely to shake the new hire's hand. This is an implied contract.” (Doverspike, 2012)
The implied contract in this case occurred when Dillon interviewed for the new position. At first, she was told by the Human Resource manager that her extensive training would include time with her predecessor. In addition, the vice president, her immediate supervisor, reassured her that her predecessor would be brought
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