Dim Sum In Miami Essay

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Delight in Dim Sum at Miami's Top Chinese Restaurants

Just because Miami isn’t known for its Chinese food doesn’t mean you can’t find it. After all, this bustling city is a foodie haven, boasting some of the top restaurants in the United States. To make your quest for dumplings, chow mein, egg drop soup, and General Tso’s chicken a little easier, we scoured Miami for the best Chinese restaurants. The only choice you need to make is whether to order take-out or dine in.
Here are the top spots to find Chinese food in Miami:
Blackbrick: Chinese food gets a tropical Florida twist at Blackbrick, a popular restaurant just south of the Miami Design District. Helmed by Chef Richard Hales, Blackbrick entices diners with specialties like General Tso’s Florida Gator and Florida hogfish stir-fry. The extensive menu also includes noodles (made fresh daily, in house), fried rice,
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Meals are customized exactly to your liking. Start by choosing a protein (chicken, been, port, tofu, etc.), then decide on a style, such as teriyaki, coconut curry, sweet and sour, or Mongolian. Add-ons like spring rolls, pork egg rolls, and shrimp wonton soup round out the meal, leaving you satiated until dinner. Customers can also enjoy sushi at Wok Town after 5 p.m.
Tropical Chinese: No other Miami restaurants do dim sum better than Tropical Chinese. They’ve been whipping up authentic Chinese food for more than 30 years, using only unprocessed, natural, traditional ingredients. Customers get to experience dim sum the traditional way by pointing to the dishes that catch their eye as servers push food carts around the establishment. Their dim sum menu features nearly 60 options, including scallop dumplings, stuffed beancurd skin, roasted duck, pork buns, sticky rice, and five-spice chicken. Snacking never tasted so
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