Dima At Spencers: A Narrative Fiction

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He stands on the countertop of a kitchenette, feeling like a rat; especially the way Dima treated him only made him feel more insignificant. He sighs, knowing that the blonde means well, but he really was clueless about his height insecurities. There’s a loud thumping from the hall which temporarily distracts him from his thoughts. Dima comes out from his room and almost immediately coos at Spencer as if he were some kind of pet. “Who is cute? You are!” he fishes a small piece of bread from his pocket and holds it out to Spencer. “Do you want bread? I think you want bread! Come on, take bread~!” Spencer holds his hands out for the brick-sized crumb, it was humiliating to be talked down to like this. He just wanted Dima to see him as a normal human being. Would that be too much to ask for?…show more content…
Over my dead body. He chews on the inside of his cheek, his boyfriend really did only see him as an entertaining miniature pet. As the bread waves closer, more negative thoughts begin to pile onto his mind: Why was being shrunk the only time he was able to get close to Dima? It wasn’t fair. Of course, when he’s frail and helpless is the only time he’s able to get close to the man he’s been pining over since freshman year. Why only now had the Russian realized he was gay? He could feel his heart wrench and his jeans tighten. It also didn’t help that he was beginning to feel exceedingly horny with the puppy-doggish look Dima was giving
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