Dimensions Of Health And Wellness

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The Dimensions of Health and Wellness (DHW) contain concepts that are easily applied and comparable to the fields of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science (PES). The DHW include physical health, mental health, intellectual health, social health, emotional health, environmental health, spiritual health, and occupational health. Adaptability and biological fitness play in as well. All of these are very important and play an integral role in the success of the PES fields and their holistic nature. (Kroll. D. The Dimensions of Health and Wellness)
The concept of adaptability can certainly be applied to all aspects of the fields of physical education, exercise and sports science as adaptation is crucial to growth. Growth in the dimensions of health and wellness is a necessity in order to achieve optimum physical performance, and one of the intentions behind being physically active is to allow your body to build to its highest potential. This process of growth and adaptation is very much a conscious process. Regarding the Illness-Wellness Continuum, the phrase “know better, do better” plays in as one must first be aware of what they are doing wrong, have the resources to learn how to fix the problem, and apply the lesson to their lifestyle in order for growth to occur. There are always going to be ups and downs in life and overcoming these experiences and learning from them is what allows humans to grow. Such as with the theory of evolution, adaptation is something that
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