Dimensions Of Multicultural Counseling

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Practice Dimensions of Multicultural Counseling

1. How do you feel about expanding the use of technology in career counseling? What are your concerns and/or hopes? How would you incorporate technology into your work with clients?

I think that expanding the use of technology in career counseling is a great idea. I remember reading about career and life planning assessments last year in our appraisal and inquiry course. While reading the text for this course it refreshed me on this topic. Technology is a great tool to make administer tests easier and could be helpful for career counselors to save time. This tool could help more people by leaving more time for the person and their career counselor to meet initially to address concerns and again after all the assessments are done to see what the best options are for this client. The text mentioned, that the rationale for computerized career counseling stems from the need for up to date information and the unique capabilities of the computer to satisfy this need (Zunker, 2016). It seems that with all the advancements in technology this is just a natural step to the field of career counseling.

Several computerized counseling systems with different combinations of computer hardware and software and different sets of objectives have been developed (Zunker, 2016). As the text mentioned, they have transferred many of the assessments to computer form, which seems to be the most logical and beneficial way to do these tests now.
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