Dimensions for a Concept of Humanity

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"Dimensions for a Concept of Humanity"

Domnick Trani

Psychology 33: Theories of Personality

Tuesday/Thursday 10:55-12:40

Professor: Dr. Travis Gibbs

November 29, 2005

Personality is the permanent pattern of traits, dispositions, or characteristics that create a degree of consistency to people's behavior. Personality influences everything that people do in their lives; giving people the idea of what is right and wrong. There are six dimensions in the personality of individuals. The dimensions that will be examined are: determinism versus free choice, conscious versus unconscious determinants of behavior, biological versus social influences on personality, and teleology versus causality. Determinism and free choice deal with whether or
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But, not all of their conscious and unconscious behaviors are deterministic by their genetics; some of people's behaviors are raised from their own perception, and their learned behaviors from society. Skinner thought of behavior as being controlled by the unconscious, because people rarely observe the relationship between genetic and environmental behaviors in genetics. Skinner did however think of the unconscious and conscious behavior as having limitations. He thought that ultimately, and individual's behavior was controlled by environmental contingencies. This means that humans are inherently limited. But, if they are inherently limited, then that means that their behaviors are genetic, which provides support that people's unconscious and conscious behaviors are deterministic. A third dimension of personality is biological versus social influences on personality. Biological influences on personality are defined as influences on personality that are made by genetics. Social influences on personality are defined as influences on personality that are made by society. Social influences on personality can include culture. Culture gives individuals the idea of how people view life, and what is important to them, which is an example of social influences, which in this case, are brought
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