Dimensions of Diversity

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Introduction Each and every individual has his own unique characteristics that set him or her apart from other people. In that case, diversity as a term is used to denote any dimension utilized to bring out or identify the various differences between people and groups. It is important to note that today, with the world increasingly becoming a truly global village, it has become necessary for individuals to appreciate and embrace differences in others. In this text, I define diversity and highlight its dimensions (both hidden and visible). Further, I come up with a brief analysis of my tendency to judge individuals on the basis of their superficial, external or visible characteristics. Diversity: A Brief Overview Diversity according to Daft and Lane (2007) is essentially the existing "differences among people in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, race, or other dimensions." It can be noted that the proper management of diversity must be preceded by a clear understanding of diversity and its nature. As I have already noted in the introductory paragraph, the world is increasingly becoming a global village and with this, the level of interaction between individuals from different backgrounds continues to be enhanced even further. Below, I highlight the various dimensions of diversity that help us outline the differences among people. The Various Dimensions of Diversity In general terms, diversity is made up of a myriad of traits. It is these traits that I refer to as

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