Dimensions of Global Corporate Citizenship

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1. The various dimension of global corporate citizenship each and every dimension is described in detailed for Solitary Fund as under. a) Citizenship Content: In this dimension, I feel Solitary fund is at Stage 3- innovative stage of Global Corporate Citizenship. It had good stakeholder management practice. When there was report of Gildan not working ethically, it took action to audit the firm where it invests money. It was not just looking for higher profits in Gildan but an overall stakeholder management and hence it had dilemma of whether to continue investing in Gildan. It was ready to divest and lose the profitable investment opportunity just because Gildan was not aligned with Fund objectives. b) Strategic Intent: With the limited info available, I feel Solitary fund is at Stage 2- Engaged State of Global Corporate Citizenship. In engaged stage- companies become aware of public expectations and see the need for their license to operate. Due to media reports and investor concerns, it decided to audit of Gildan Activewear to find out whether it was in right path or not. However no information is available if there was any strategy for investing. No core principles were set as to where fund should invest or not. Also Fund did not have any policies set to see the future growth or upcoming innovations which could be market changer c) Leadership: On the limited info available, I feel that Solitary Fund is in stage 2 – engaged state where it acts as a Supporter of ethical way
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