Diminished Education : A Dimensional Analysis

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Diminished Education Leads To Chronic Unemployment A Dimensional Analysis Public policy affects the lives of citizens’ every day and their pleas for policy reform is prompting political decisions-makers to reexamine how they shape policies socially, domestically and internationally. There is a major effort to increase the understanding of how policies are developed and the impact it has on social interactions, economic conditions, and the structure of government. This paper explores the multi-dimensional make-up that society has on government versus government on society and the adverse implications of (1) diminished education as a direct correlation of chronic unemployment (2) significant influence from technological change (3) failure of Federal Back To Work Programs while conservatively applying Efficiency and Equality led by theory, often influencing key decision makers when attempting to assess, address and resolve issues. Efficiency is the distribution of and productive use of resources and Equality is the social policy ensuring that every citizen has the free right to access necessary resources, minimizing intense differences, in both opportunities and in outcomes. Employment Employment is a means by which people provide themselves and their families, driven by personal value and satisfaction while contributing to their communities locally and nationally. A steady job means economic freedom, access to education and healthcare benefits which often leads to a
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