Dimmesdale Scaffold Scene Analysis

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The second scaffold scene is climax of internal suffering within Dimmesdale. Up until this point, Dimmesdale has been maintaining his position as Hester’s accuser and a hypocrite, unbeknownst to the rest of the townspeople. His agony is evident with the struggle of his perfect reputation battling against the sin he committed. This scene is one of anguish, clearly shown when Dimmesdale cries out in physical and mental pain. At the location of Hester’s humiliation, Dimmesdale holds a silent vigil. This scaffold scene is not an improvement from the first. In fact, it only highlights the lack of courage that Dimmesdale possesses. His feeble attempt at confronting his sin is a “mockery of penitence” (pg 83), only a half hearted attempt to confess
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