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I always think dinner is good, however having dinner with three people who I would like to talk to, that dinner would be the greatest. Three people I would invite to dinner are Fred Weasley, Hermoine Granger, and Johnny Depp. These people are some of my greatest idols. This dinner would be a dream come true, even though I would love to invite so many more people. Furthermore, there are so many reasons I would invite these three people.
First of all, Fred Weasley is the 4th youngest child in the Weasley family in the book/movie series Harry Potter. He has a twin brother George, (SPOILER ALERT) and he does not survive the Battle of Hogwarts. I would invite Fred because he is my favorite Weasley, and he is a jokester, which would make my dinner fun. He is an idol to me because he died laughing and he always saw the bright side of things. Also, Fred Weasley is not a bad looking man, we would talk about his life and pranks to pull, plus so many other things. I would love to meet Fred Weasley because he is a great (fictional) character.

Secondly, I would invite Hermione (HER-MY-oNEE) Granger, who is also
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He is an actor who played in Pirates of the Cariabean movies, he was the madhatter in Alice in Wonderland also. He is famous for acting in many of the director ,Tim Burton, movies. I admire him for being a great actor who can play almost any role. He has so much expirience and I would love to ask him about it. Also, he really isn't bad looking for a 50-something year old.

To conclude, these people are three of my favorite people that I would love to know better. Johnny Depp, Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley are great people and having dinner with them would be a dream come true for me. Although I have so many idols that I would invite but these three are my greatest ones that I look up to. This dinner would be a fun and great learning experience. I would enjoy having these people at my
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