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Every year on Halloween; my favorite holiday, I had a very special dinner party. It looks like it was that time of the year again. So I pulled out my phone book and decided to invite a couple of people over. After putting lots of thought into it, I decided to invite three people: Jesse Berst, Molly Masland, and Julia Walker. Now these three people aren’t just any three people. They all have something in common; they know about about online shopping. They are all some type of reporter and have written articles about online shopping. Jesse Berst is and he did a report called "Online Shopping, The Safe Way;" which teaches some great tips on how to shop carefully. Molly Masland is also a reporter and her story/article was called "The Dark …show more content…
Of course everyone loves cheese, you can’t go wrong with cheese. As for dinner, now that took a little more brainstorming. In the end I concluded that everyone loves chicken. I had it prepared in a nice creamy sauce and of I had plenty of vegetables. You never know when I vegetarian such as myself would show up.

Just as I had finished setting things up, the doorbell rang. Jesse Berst was the first to show up; being the new reporter that he is he is always very punctual. Of course he was dressed in his usual suit and tie. His white hair was neatly combed back and he had a bottle of wine in his hand. “Here you are,” he said politely. After the many thanks and “oh’s” and “ah” over the wine I ran to the kicthen to put in refrigerator. Just as I was walking back to the living room the doorbell rang again. This time it was Julia Walker. She was wearing a simple long black dress and had no jewerly on except a sivler watch that matched her earings. She was very tall and slender, almost as tall as Mr. Berst. Just as I was about to introduce them Molly Masland peeked in through the still slightly opened door. “Howdy there,” she joyful said like the typical souther woman that she was. She wore a a pastel colored evening dress with white shoes of course. “ I made ya’ll some of my simply delicious peach cobbler,” she said as she handed me her container.

We all smiled at her smooth and gentle southern accent. “Why, it’s not everyday we get to hear such a beautiful

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