Dinosaur Extinction: Article Analysis

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The reading passage unravels the mystery of dinosaurs extinction by describing the catastrophe caused by asteroid. The lecturer believes, asteroid solely was not caused for dinosaurs fade from earth, other factors may be involved like climate, disease etc.

First, the passages states that the strike of an enormous asteroid destroyed the earth almost completely including whole dinosaurs race and ecological system. The author suggest that, however, the asteroid crushed the earth the same time, when dinosaur alive, but an asteroid can not cause the whole dinosaur population extinction. Furthermore, some scientists believe that dinosaurs were fading before the asteroid strike.

Additionally, the author suggests other elements that may be involved in extinction of dinosaurs. For example, the climate might had become worse. Consequently, the food shortage appeared, on which the dinosaurs relied. Or, sea and oceans had dried that made adverse situation for dinosaurs existence.
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The author suggest that mammals existed during the dinosaurs' era and had relied on eggs of dinosaurs. As a result, this might had also contributed dinosaur
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