Dinosaur Fossils

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Dinosaur ‘Judith’ Fossils: Triceratops Ancestor With A Head Adorned With A Spiky ‘Shield’ Of Bone And ‘Devil’ Horns; Used Them To Attract Mate The researchers have discovered dinosaur fossils 10 years ago. It belongs to “Judith,” a spiky headed ancestor triceratops, which trudged the American north-west over 65 million years ago. Recently, the study reveals that “Judith” was much more important than previously thought. The researchers believe that she is a new species, which is called “Spiclypeus hipporum,” with a head that is adorned with a spiky’s shield of bone. This was probably used as part of a courtship display and mating, or to identify the members of the same species. They were able to recognize the species from not much bone fragments.
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