Dinosaur National Park And It 's Geology

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Marcus Isaac Harris
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Physical Geology 1010
October 31, 2015
Dinosaur National Park and It’s Geology
The mountains and rivers stretching between northern Utah and Colorado hold an array of secrets from the ancient past. While the average tourist admiring the rocks, fossils, and and cliffs of Dinosaur National Park may get the jist of the park, they may not comprehend the extent to what it takes for this anomaly to form. Dinosaur National Park is mostly known for not just it’s beauty, but for it’s large variety of dinosaur fossils. Even though fossils are found all over the world, this park is special due to the conditions that the dinosaur fossils came to be in one location of its exquisite Carnegie Quarry. It was around
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Its past occurrence is recognized by unusual patterns of drainage, changes in accumulating sediment, and cyclic patterns of sediment deposition”(Pederson 1).

( Figure 1. USGS National Geologic Map Database, Map of Dinosaur National Park) The park was formed on a floodplain and there are many pieces of evidence pointing to this. Some of the most stunning pieces of evidence are the red mudstones found in the area. “This can be very brightly colored, ranging from red, maroon, or reddish brown, and its banding in the outcrop is visible from a great distance. The reddish color suggests better drainage and therefore, a drier, more oxidizing condition on the floodplain” (Marano 1). In addition to other traits of the sandstone, Morano explains “These sandstones can be used to determine the direction of flow”, which would explain the why the expansive colored sandstones are found extensively throughout the park (Marano 2). Most of the fossils you will find will be in the channel sandstones because the dinosaurs were washed together before being buried over, the Carnegie Quarry is an excellent example of this. The Morrison formation overall is considered one of the best spots in the world for finding dinosaur fossils due to the fact it was subject to the perfect environment for creating fossils. This was a final destination for thousands of dinosaur fossils and many more that have yet been excavated.
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