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Dinosaur Dinosaurs: Extinct or Natural Causes

As geologic time goes, all the dinosaurs living on earth suddenly disappeared. How did these dominated and gigantic creatures really die? Was it a slow extinction through natural causes, or did it happen suddenly? These questions give rise to many different beliefs on how the dinosaurs disappeared over sixty-five million years ago. Something happened sixty-five million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period that was so devastating that it altered the course of life on earth. Extinction is easily defined: the birth rate fails to keep up with the death rate. However, the definition does not answer the question about the nature or causes of extinction. Since so many
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A massive eruption may have saturated the atmosphere with carbon dioxide so the that a sharp rise in temperature occurred worldwide. The excessive carbon dioxide would have permitted solar energy to enter the atmosphere but would have blocked the radiation of most surface heat back into space, causing the “greenhouse effect”. rising temperatures could have killed off or reduced the activity of plankton, disrupting food chains and also disrupting the plankton’s normal role in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis. It would have taken long for dinosaurs to become extinct.

Dinosaurs may have also killed themselves. It is possible that they consumed poison from plants. The emergence of flowering plants could have poisoned them. These plants contained alkaloids. Smaller animals with lesser appetites could have survived the doses, but perhaps the dinosaur could not. Most mammals are smart enough to avoid these poison ness plants because of the bitter taste. The dinosaurs, however, may have not had the sense or the liver. They could not taste the bitterness or detoxify the ingested substances. This theory is not scientifically significant because there is no way of telling if the dinosaurs could taste, or how their digestive system worked.
What if it wasn’t the dinosaurs that caused their own extinction, but something greater? Species of animals that have survived for millions of years have to be well adapted to their environment or they

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